The Original Santa on a Panda!


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It's the hottest holiday item of whatever year this is!


The original (and not quite yet world famous) newest holiday phenomenon starting this holiday season!!  Are you sick of doing Gnome on a Phone every year? US TOO!  This is way more fun for everyone! 

It's the fun wholesome story of Santa getting help from a Panda (since his reindeer are all on vacation), a boy who wants to ruin Christmas for everyone, and sharing the gift of Christmas and saving the day! Santa magnetically AND MAGICALLY attaches to Panda, and you get a hardcover book that you can read along with!  OR you can just scan the code on the back of the book with your camera phone and be whisked away to a video that will read & sing the story to you!  DO YOU HEAR THAT PARENTS??  KIDS CAN DO IT THEMSELVES!  So you, or a fun video on the internet, can read & sing it to your kids whenever you want! The internet is open 24/7.

Included are:
- A plush Santa
- A plush Panda
- A hardcover fully illustrated book of the story of Santa on a Panda
- A QR code on the back of the book that takes you to the website to sing along to the Santa on a Panda song.  Just open any phone camera app and hover over the code. It's so easy, even Santas and Pandas can do it!

Santa measures approximately 5" high
Panda measures approximately 13" long
Book measures approximatly 8.5" x 8.5"
And our love for you is, of course, immeasurable.

To read & sing along with Santa on a Panda:
you can go to as well as download the Santa on a Panda song (and the Peppermint Ice Cream song!) on all major streaming services! iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and more!